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Announcement!! iExpansion Workshop - iExpansionワークショップのお知らせ!


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ライフ オリエンテーション ワークショップ 1
10:00〜18:00 (9:30開場)
一般 ¥38,000・CEメンバー ¥35,000・当日 ¥40,000



2日間のワークショップでは、(1) スピリットである自分は誰か、(2) 人生・生命の目的は何か、(3) 物質世界でスピリットがどう相互作用するかなど、スピリットが物質世界でコミュニケーションし活動する上で、とても役立つ情報や基本的な原理を学びます。またこれらのスキルを身につけるため、数々のエクササイズも行われます。


TTFAはトランスフォーメーション・ツールズ・フィールド・アソシエイトの略で、参加者をご紹介いただいた方に、お礼をお支払いするプログラムです。 事前にTTFAメンバー登録していただく必要があります。

“The hardest road is the road that you walk alone.
But the bridge that you build with your own hands
is the most satisfying to walk upon. There are tools are
for those who would find their own way out of the trap.”

Christopher Currell

Life Orientation Workshop One
Dec. 14 (Sat) & 15 (Sun), 2013
10am – 6pm (doors at 9:30)
CreaCross Kanda, Tokyo
Advance purchase 38,000 yen, CE member 35,000 yen
At the door 40,000 yen

The first project held by the Transformation Tools is the iExpansion workshop.

The world is going through profound change. Our ways of living and thinking are changing rapidly. Now is the time to hold Currell Effect sessions as well as a series of workshops that focus on the consciousness expansion of the spirit!

The first workshop is about the orientation on life.
It is a 2 day workshop, which orients the spirit as to who he is, the purpose of life, and the basics of the principals of interaction and communication in the physical universe.

There will be data as well as exercises, which will be useful for the spirit to communicate and make actions in the physical universe. These classes are designed to help people realize who they truly are and know the game called life. We hope this workshop helps accelerate your journey.

Transformation Tools Field Associate (TTFA) is a referral program designed for the TTFA member to receive a reward when a person the member referred signed up to one of our projects. Registration for the TTFA member is required to receive this reward.

The website is currently only in Japanese. Please contact tt_office@ishwish.net for any inquiries.

1st TT Staff Day! - 第1回TTスタッフデー
As a part of the preparation for the coming workshop in Dec., we rented a café on Oct. 19 and 20 for the first TT staff training and meeting.

Please see below.

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iExpansion Workshop - English
Transformation Tools Website
iExpansion Workshop

Original text by Christopher Currell
原文: クリストファー・カレル

Life Orientation Workshop One

The first in the series of iExpansion workshops is a 2 day workshop, which orients the spirit as to who he is, the purpose of life, and the basics of the principals of interaction in the physical universe. 

The purpose of this workshop is for the student to have a basic orientation of who he is and the mechanics of interaction in the physical universe and developing the student's interpersonal communication skills through actual practicing and training.

●Two day workshop include the following subjects:
1. Vibration and resonance nature of reality,
2. The spirit, and it's purpose in this universe.
3. The components of thought, mind and body.
4. The sequential steps of thought, mind and body in manifesting intention into the physical universe.
5. How the spirit's thought and intention project into physical reality by a process called communication.
6.The importance of communication.
7. The components and implementation of communication.
8. A series of exercises that familiarize the student with each step in the communication process.

■Resonance is communication:
Resonance is the basis of the relationship between the spirit, mind, body and the environment. Interaction between spirit, mind, body and the physical universe can be seen to occur through consonant and dissonant energy vibrations. These energy vibrations are subjectively felt as emotions and in the case of human health, can be objectively expressed as psychosomatic illnesses. The principle is that something placed close enough to a source of vibration will begin to vibrate also.

Proximity and comparable properties are necessary for a duplication of vibration, a resonance, to occur. This is called communication. Because of the intimate connection between spirit and mind, and on the basis of communication, vibrations in the environment that are disagreeable may cause dissonance, stress, and disease. Healing occurs by introducing harmonious vibrations thus resolving the dissonances.

The interaction between spirits can be seen to occur purely by resonance. The vibrations of one spirit may touch a “ sympathetic string” in the other and behold! There is communication! Or not. It depends on the chronic vibration of the receiving spirit. If the two don’t harmonize, their communication won’t last long - they may not even perceive each other! “Resonance” is therefore but another word for “communication”

■Why it is important to learn the communication skills?
A being is as alive as he can communicate.
Communication skills are essential in any sphere of human interaction. In fact, when all is said and done, on whatever level, communication is the sole activity all people share.

●Key points
- What good communication consists of.
- How to recognize bad communication.
- What the component parts of communication are and how to utilize them.
- Why more communication, not less, brings the individual greater freedom.
- …and much more.

In this workshop, the student will learn the benefits of effective communication, which will enhance all aspects of life from the personal to the professional and to the success of any endeavor.
Also included in this workshop are numerous exercises that improve one’s communication level and have great practical application to life. A thorough understanding of this data will provide the student with tools he can use forever.

iExpansion - English
Transformation Tools Website

Original text by Christopher Currell
原文: クリストファー・カレル


Workshops, Lectures and Seminars
for Personal Expansion and Goal Achievement

iExpansion is a series of Transformation Tools for personal expansion and goal achievement. The focus is elevating human consciousness and imparting information about the universe we live in. This is accomplished by various workshops, lectures and seminars.

Unlike most metaphysical workshops, iExpansion workshops will include a great deal of mental exercises and techniques. Information will be intertwined with practical actions to clear oneself of mental barriers and aberrations and to regain abilities, awareness, and recall of one's past existence.

It is data covering the spectrum of LIFE between zero and infinity!

Metaphysics is now going through the equivalent of the industrial revolution. I invite you to participate in the forefront of this revolution with iExpansion workshops, lectures and seminars.

Christopher Currell


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